The Best Welding Helmets for Beginning Welders

As a beginner welder, searching for the best welding helmet can be such an overwhelming task. The abundance of possibilities that you can take into account doesn’t make matters any easier. The fact that many models and makes exist doesn’t mean that you should settle for any welding helmet. Your prospective welding helmet ought to be comfortable. Putting it on must be easy. Finally yet importantly, providing easy adjustments as well as advanced auto-darkening protection is also a must.

How to Select the Best Welding Helmet

The fact that there is a vast selection of welding helmets to choose from can make even savvy welders confused when it comes to making a choice. It isn’t an easy feat arriving at the best decision. It needs to exert effort and time in order to most probably differentiate the wheat from the chuff. Here are some important considerations to help you land the best choice:

  • Consider your budget
  • Have a list of not less than 3 different models or brands
  • Read reviews extensively from other people
  • Always settle for the right size
  • Look at different features in each helmet

#1: Antra AH6-260-0000


The Antra AH6-260-0000 effectively protects your face and eyes from eye injury and burns. This helmet features a protective glass as well as goggles. It brings with it auto darkening features that prevent any unlucky event from harming you. By not using the right helmet, there is no doubt that welding can be highly dangerous. One of the best attributes about this helmet is the fact that it consumes less energy whenever you use it. Anytime you experience electrical failure, you’ll still be protected against IR and UV radiation. It also brings with it a fully automatic off and on feature.

#2: Jackson Safety BH3

The Jackson Safety BH3 sets the bar high when it comes to hood performance welding. Using this helmet effectively protects you from rigorous challenge and serious injuries. Enjoy protection from welding/arc flashes, radiation burns, hot metal slag burns, grinding metal sparks etc. It brings with it a highly advanced ADF that earned it the classification of the best Balder Technology. It boasts the advantage of optical advantages such as luminous transmittance variation, angular dependence, optical clarity, and diffusion of light. All these are important features for any welder, whether experienced or a novice.

#3: Antra AH6-660-6320


The Antra AH6-660-6320 features an impressive plasma application together with a great grinding feature. Its large viewing area boasts four premium sensors. The sensitivity and delay adjustability of this helmet are both plus points for this type of gear. The other impressive attribute about the helmet is the fact that it brings with it both internal and external lens cover to guarantee optimum eye protection. The helmet allows continuous adjustments for delays time and sensitivity with a completely automatic power control off and on. It features a highly durable and sturdy material. Get the lightweight helmet today and enjoy its impressive attributes.

#4: Miller 251292 Classic Series

The Miller 251292 Classic Series features an array of welding designs as well as purposes. The classic series boasts either cutting or welding processes functions like Plasma Arc Cutting, SMAW, MIG, MAG, and TIG. Many experts believe this welding helmet is one of the best for the beginners. It features highly convenient auto power settings. The helmet is extremely lightweight. You can wear it comfortably with utmost ease. You can have it on your head for longer periods in a single welding session. It features a rechargeable solar cell that you can always charge outside in the sun if it happens to be nearly drained.

#5: Jackson Safety W40


The Jackson Safety W40 can be used in any form of welding project. It can also be handy in DIY needs or welding hobby. This high performance welding helmet brings with it auto dark filters that are adaptable to different working conditions of any welder. The high quality of this lens offers you a variable shade. It boasts such a wide viewing area to enable welders view their job clearly in order to do a great job.


Helmets usually serve as protection to the head and eyes of the welder. This explains why they are handy regardless of the type of welding. Auto-darkening technology ensures helmets are highly efficient. The feature is handy at providing utmost safety. Auto darkening welding helmets feature a lens that’s coated in order to protect the eyes of the welder from being exposed to infrared and ultraviolet radiations. The helmets are usually based on the safety standards of every country.

Are you looking for the best welding helmets for beginning welders? Landing the best one can be tricky. However, this does not have to be necessarily the case. Select from any of the above featured ones, or check out more options on

Reasons Why Helping Others is Good for You

We all try to be nice to other people when we can but there may be advantages to being nice that you may not have thought of.

It Is Something That Comes Naturally


Being nice is something that is present in our DNA. Some people are more predisposed to be receptive to hormones that are associated with love and happiness. The way that you are brought up also has a role to play in your personality and this can also affect how nice you are.

It Can Help You Live Longer

Studies have shown that people who volunteer for good causes are more likely to experience health benefits. Living a healthy lifestyle means that you may end up living longer. There will be even more health benefits if you take a voluntary role that is active and outdoors.

It Makes You Happier


When you know you have done something good for someone else, it can make you feel happier as well. Your mood can be lifted instantly when you are nice to someone else. It does not take much to make a real difference to someone else’s day, sometime just a few friendly words are all that is needed.

It Can Make You More Successful


Having the qualities that make you kind to other people can also bring you success in your chosen career. People are more likely to listen to you and respect you if you treat them well. This means that you will be well liked by those who are able to promote you and those who will be working under you.

It Can Reduce Your Stress

When you are being nice you feel better about yourself and this can help to reduce the amount of stress that you experience. You are also more likely to be able to realise what it is that is really important in life when you are less stressed.

It Feels Good

Doing things that are nice can release endorphins in the body and these endorphins will make you feel good. This is the same hormones that are released when you exercise and so it is the same feeling that you get. When you feel better about yourself you are more likely to carry on being nice to other people and so this is something that will just keep continuing.