A Bath Sponge for Reward

I’m at a seminar in Kingston and my topic for today is general hygiene. I want to emphasize the importance of having a bath daily. I will be rewarding two attendees with a bath sponge. This is for their attendance, and I will do this at the end of the seminar.

But why do you need a bath sponge? I know this is one question that most people ask when they see bath sponges. Well, if you have not used it or have one, a bath sponge comes in handy when it comes to you taking a shower. It is made up of flexible mesh-like structures that assist you to scrub the body. The circular motions that it performs on the body aid in cleaning sweat, dirt, and bacteria that is hidden in those deep pores of the skin.

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If you need a beautiful and glowing skin, using a bath sponge is among the ways to achieve this. There are several options of bath sponges available in the market today. It all depends on who is going to use the sponge. For example, if you are looking for one for the kids, consider one that this incredibly soft and has a soothing feel of nature that kids and even the adults want to feel. In our article today, we are going to help you pick one of the best bath sponges that you should buy.

Aquis – Exfoliating Deep Clean Back Scrubber

Aquis - Exfoliating Deep Clean for the back

This is one of the best sponges you should buy for your bathing needs. It features a double textured back that has two-sided materials that help to offer varied flaking. Let me put this straight. One of the textured sides has a loofah-like covering which is responsible for deep exfoliation. The other side has a soft, but smooth microfiber surface that helps to offer you a massage and an invigorates the skin. This means you will get more than a  bath from just a sponge.

Another thing that makes you love this sponge is the fact that it comes with an extended length that offers you complete coverage. I mean, the length of this back scrubber together with the grips at every end, enable you to access the entire back. Therefore, you will not need someone to help you scratch the back while in the bathroom. You will also love the design of this sponge because it does not retain water. Hence it will dry quickly after bath and avoid the development of mold in your bathroom.


  • It is easy to use
  • This back scrubber dries fast since it does not retain moisture
  • It is machine washable
  • It is durable
  • You can hang it in the shower once you are done with it.
  • It helps you reach those hard to reach areas of your body


  • I found out that the handle of this scrubber is not strong

Superior Mitten Exfoliator Glove from Baiden

Baiden Mitten Exfoliating pack of 3

If the first bath sponge did not catch your attention, I know this one from Baiden will. This mitten glove can remove your skin imperfections by collaborating with the natural healing capabilities of your skin. The sponge can exfoliate the skin, and it serves as soft microdermabrasion. As a result, it assists in treating the discoloration of the skin. This is while softening the marks and being gentle on the surface. You can keep your skin healthy by making use of this glove one time in a week. It is the best bath sponge. Check out this page: https://www.homeworthylist.com/best-bath-shower-sponge-reviews/


  • It is effortless to use
  • Helps to manage skin discoloration
  • Works with the skin to get rid of the imperfections
  • This sponge is durable, and therefore you will use it for a substantial amount of time
  • Leaves your skin with a smooth feel


  • It does not come with instructions and therefore if you have not used it before you will find it hard. We suggest you ask for the directions at the store.


If you are looking for something that will help you get rid of the imperfections on your skin, you now know what bath sponge you should get. Also, keep in mind who is going to use it. This is because not all sponge baths are suitable for kids.

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Use a Bath Sponge Daily

Use a Bath Sponge Daily

Woman cleaning herself in the tub

I always encourage people to use a bath sponge daily. In this glamour perceived world, a bathing sponge is now a necessity. Most people know it as a loofah. It assists in cleansing the dirt from the body better and also exfoliate our skin.

The article should have Alex encourage people to use a bath sponge daily. Help him share the reasons why they should use a bath sponge daily with his readers as well. With these bath sponges, there is no need to pay expensively for beauty salons. This is because a loofah can give you that same clearer skin in your home. Making use of a bathing sponge every day is among the easiest ways to make your skin beautiful.

And this is where the question of why you need another person to care for your body when you can do it alone? Here are some of the reasons to include a loofah in your everyday life to care for yourself.

Gets rid of dead skin

It assists in eliminating dead skin present on the external skin surface by peeling the skin smoothly. The fundamental purpose of peeling is the absolute need for cleansing, our skin needs. Rubbing offers us an oil and dirt-free skin that assists to assist you in maintaining clear skin. The body cleansers and wash can’t draw out the oil which accumulates in the skin pores.

Lighten and weaken blackened skin spots

Back of a person with acne

Some individuals may have pimples on their parts of the body apart from the face.  Rubbing your skin may, in fact, get rid of scars of acne on the body. Also, it can clear the bacteria that is rooted in the skin and responsible for pimples generation. Additionally, the possibility of different skin infections is lowered, and the dark patches of the skin are lightened which in general occurs because of the increased dryness.

Cleanses the skin well

A bath sponge is created of soft mesh-like structure to aid you to cleanse the body. Gentle circular movements on the various body parts will assist in cleansing sweat, bacteria, as well as dirt particles that are hidden deep in the skin’s pores. In case you are very lazy to go to the salon for pedicure and manicure, using a loofah to clean the legs and hands every day will do the task for you.

Improved complexion

Peeling may cause the skin to glow because it leaves the body soft and refreshed. Gentle rubbing is utilized to prevent those darkened patchy, dry, and dull skin that we usually conceal immediately. Rather than covering it, we should cure it by adjusting the bathing routine.

Use of a bathing sponge is the simplest and also an economical way to keep the complexion. Skin lotions have harsh substances that cause skin reactions, but a bath sponge does not have this. Therefore, a loofah helps retain skin complexion.

It is a time saver

Bathing is one of our everyday activities. We do not have to check our busy routine and create an appointment to consult our skin. You can just make use of the bathing sponge and save the time of going to the salon and the money also. It takes less than ten minutes to scrub the body well, and this saves two hours of salon time.

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Prevent Clog

I want to ensure that our clothes are clean after washing. I have been using catchers to get rid of fur and human hair from my clothes. Apart from that, I have been using my hair catcher to prevent drain clogging. Maybe you have a clogged shower or experience this problem frequently. Don’t worry. I have your back.

Each morning, you hurry to reach at your workplace on time. In case you are late, it means you don’t have even a minute to spare for a different task like shaving or doing your hair. This also means you do not have even a single minute to handle a clogged drain. If you are this person, there are different ways you can deal with a clogged drain and one of them is to stop clogging. Read this full article to find out about the tricks and tips I use to avoid shower clogs.

Utilize hair catchers

Hair in lavatory

I’m sure you have realized that hair is probably the culprit for shower clogs. This is because they are long and thin. Hair strands can wash be washed down the drain quickly. This is where they build up and create a headstrong blockage.

Other people make attempts to prevent clogs by putting stray hairs away while they clean their hair. Being attentive to your hair doesn’t mean you will avoid the falling of hair strands. The best way you can use to prevent clogs caused by hair is to buy a hair catcher or trapper. This tool is placed in the drain trap all debris and air and preventing them from getting washed down the drain. You can clean your hair catcher by emptying it into your trash can occasionally.

Flush every drain

This a creative means of preventing clogs caused by hair. Flush all the pipes simultaneously as this will send a waterfall of water to remove the debris and hair. However, you need the help of other people to carry out the flushing task.

The first thing you should do is to close every shower and bathtub sink and drain and then top up each sink or tub using warm water. After that, ensure there is another person on standby near each toilet and drain in your home. All of these people should open the drains simultaneously, and then all toilet flushed concurrently as well.

Make use of natural solutions

Pouring water from the kettle

In case you see a slight blockage in the shower drain you should try some tricks to get rid of it. The first thing is to check if you may get rid of the clog using a twisted wire or your hands. If this doesn’t help, try and loosen the clog.   Instead of using harsh substances, consider some of these tricks to release the clog.

Pour simmering water through the channel. After that, switch on the warm setting for your shower for around five minutes.

Pour a single cup of bleach into the drain during the night. At dawn, try and let the warm water flow for a couple of minutes.

Another one is to pour baking soda three quarters and a half cup of vinegar to the drain. Connect the for around thirty minutes and later pour simmering water to the channel.

Well, the next thing is to use a flashlight to check if the clog has been removed.

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